About Elsewise Media

This site includes exercises that explore our senses and broaden our aesthetic perspective, short essays about my sources of inspiration over the years, quotes about the creative process, the occasional book review, articles that explore the life cycle of ideas, and my still-evolving thoughts on topics such as what we gain from thinking of creativity in terms of agriculture.

About Matt Blair

Over the years, I’ve worked with words, images, music, sound, video and some insightful and fascinating minds. I currently live in Portland, Oregon.

This project is a chance for me to share my experiences with creative projects, my passion for creative approaches to art and life, to help others realize their creative ambitions and to learn together with bright and interesting people from all over the world.

I also blog about art and ideas and projects that excite me on a companion site to this one: the Elsewise Media Scrapbook.

Unless otherwise credited, I created all photos and images on this site. Many are available for re-use under Creative Commons licenses. More images and licensing details available on my Flickr account.

You can learn more about me at mattblair.net, or email me.